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This is my personal web site, where I make resources available to friends, family, and anyone else who may find them. The name "chiandh" - although even more difficult to spell - is shorter than my real name, Horst Meyerdierks. I have been an amateur astronomer for most of my life, and χ & h Persei is a double star cluster that we used to direct our binoculars at a long time ago.

The information on this site is provided in good faith, but no warranty can be made for its accuracy. Copyright exists in all original material and is in general held by myself. Other copyright is declared on individual pages where applicable. Words, expressions and devices used may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners. I am not responsible for any information contained on the pages linked to from my pages. If you notice something incorrect or have a comment, feel free to email me. Unsolicited bulk email is not welcome.

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